Billy Soh is our new chairperson from 2016-2019 and all-contingency handyman. Billy’s meticulous eye for records, aesthetics and detail has held our Society’s operations to a high standard. He is a fine-arts photographer with a background in conceptual technical Film and Digital Photography. He is also triply armed with a keen eye, good heart and astute mind. You may view his work on the Artists page.


Shazwany Aziz is our Treasurer from 2016-2019. She works predominantly in drawings and prints, as she enjoys the slow and tactile processes of block printing which unites two-dimensional and sculptural elements.

Her work has been exhibited around Singapore, and is the recipient of several awards, Project Protégé Award from Yayasan Mendaki (2012), The Winston Oh Travel Award (2009) and the Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts and Cultural Award (2007). She also has been featured in a variety of local media outlets, including Suria MediaCorp, Berita Harian and She is a member of Printmaking Society Singapore and Singapore Contemporary Young Artists, where she actively participates in a variety of projects.

Shazwany Aziz lives and works in Singapore, where she received a BFA in 2010 from LASALLE College of the Arts.


Terry Wee (b. in 1988, Singapore) graduated with a Diploma of Fine Arts from NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts). He is currently pursuing his BA(Hons) Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts.

Terry is a painter who explores the language of abstraction; silence, fear and spirituality: the reduction of language, self-purification and self-censorship. His recent works aim to reflect the realms of administration and its systems that seemingly dwarves us into self-censorship individuals, striving citizens living in the errors and awkwardly perfect world of today’s administrative culture.

Terry is a two time award winner from the Nanyang Fine Arts Award in 2007- The Highly Commended Award and the First Prize in 2009. Whilst studying and working, he is also currently doing shows and exhibiting locally, as well as overseas in countries such as Indonesia and Philippines.


Dan Wong is a commercial illustrator who earned the title of Artist from the village shaman 12 years ago, after going through a series of trials that involve gunfire, llamas, and for some reason, the Australian outback. His work seeks to entertain audiences yet at the same time provoke sentiments and sensibilities—”I am not afraid of entering the controversial realms of politics, religion, gender issues…. I’m just afraid of the police that come to catch me when I do. Regardless, expect me to put my rudimentary illustrative skills to practical use, and touch on issues that touch you.” You may view his work on the Artists page.