Exhibitions & Art Auctions

Exhibitions & Art Auctions
SCYA has curated and organised several Art Exhibitions & Art Auctions for clients such as Standard Chartered, UBS, T32 Dental Centre, Mary Chia Holdings, Singtel, LEFTFOOT, National Heritage Board & Goodman Art Centre.
We continue to curate and organise exhibitions with a social mission awareness to promote Young Artists works.

Terms and Conditions
Artist/s selected will be committing to projects during the length of the duration. Should artist fail to deliver course, fee will not be given. It is to the discretion of SCYA to handle the communication and connecting of the artists.
Upon acceptance of programme, there will not be any alterations or changes to the programme unless agreed by both parties. Company should confirm time schedule before commencement of project.

To contact SCYA for exhibition & art auction enquiries, please email to scya@contemporaryart.sg

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