Billy Soh

Billy Soh is a photographer who practices in portraiture, animal portraiture, food styling and photography as well as fine arts photography. Graduated with a Diploma in Visual Communication in Photography from Temasek Polytechnic, he is constantly looking for new areas to explore beyond his photographic practice.

Billy is independent and is based in Singapore. Currently he is the Chairperson of the Singapore Contemporary Young Artists. Billy teaches photography and papermaking classes in our in-studio workshops.


Giada Tagliamonte was born in Italy, in 1984 into a family of international artists. After she graduated from the Venice Academy of Fine Art in 2008, she moved to Hong Kong where she worked tutoring, lecturing and creating with different schools, institutions and galleries including Hong Kong University. She moved to Seattle in February 2011 to build on her creativity and experience.

In Seattle and the USA Giada participated in various exhibitions and collaborations that influenced her style and technique, helping her increase the freshness and immediacy that characterize her work.

Giada now lives in Singapore where she moved to reconnect herself with the colors, inspirations and multiculturalism of South East Asia. She teaches Mixed Media Graphic Drawing for our in-studio workshops.